December 7, 2019  •  Beginning at 10:00am

On Main Street in Downtown Hillsboro, IL

- $1000 Grand Prize -

Registration Deadline:December 7, 2019Rules for the Contest:

  1. Preregistration is required.  Registration fee is $25.
  2. Participants must be 18 years or older.
  3. Competitors may only Hardcore Hammers axes.  We want to make this contest as even as possible, so using the same equipment is necessary.  Other axes will not be allowed for the contest.
  4. Logs must be split into 6" pieces.
  5. Preliminary rounds consist of splitting various sized logs (precut to 16" lengths).  Specifics of sizes and quantities will be explained that day (likely around 6-8 logs to be split).
  6. Final round will be a larger piece to be moved, split and stacked.
  7. Competitors will be required to select their logs from a community pile.
  8. Competitors will indicate to the referee that all their logs have been split and stacked by raising their axe in the air with both hands and shouting “done."
  9. When all contestants have finished splitting and stacking, referees will verify that all logs are properly sized. If any pieces are measured and found to be too large, that contestant will not advance to the next round or win the competition.
  10. The brackets for the tournament will be released after the registration deadline.  Participants are responsible for checking in before the time for their scheduled heat.
  11. By participating, you are agreeing to the use of your photos and likeness to beDownload Waiver&  Photo Consent Form used in marketing efforts by Hardcore Hammers, Atlas 46, Imagine Hillsboro, and the city of Hillsboro.
  12. If you have any questions about the competition, please contact us.  Click here to contact us now.
  13. Competitors will be required to wear saftey gear.
  14. Safety gear required - steel toed boots or safety toe covers are required.
    We will have shin guards and safety glasses.  You are encouraged to bring your own saftey gear.
  15. Any unsafe action during the competition may result in disqualification.


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